The flight of the Amazon Queen in TransAmazonia.

Sacred and Profane meet. Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.

On the second Sunday of October, more than two million Catholics pilgrims descend in Belem, Pará, for the procession of Our Lady of Nazareth. After the procession, tens of thousands of queers, drag queens and trans community camp it up at the Chiquita Party in celebration of gay pride.

TransAmazonia, is an intimate look at an undocumented queer movement in contemporary Brazil.

Candid Interiors Film

Candid Interiors as part of a multimedia exhibition celebrating strong, talented, beautiful women.

It consists of photographs of women in the intimate space of their bedrooms and films of them sharing stories and opinions whilst in the bath. The women range in backgrounds, ages and fields of creativity, they include Princess Julia, Cozette McCreery, Dee Sade of Blue On Blue, Hannah Clark of Foe, Billie JD Porter, Harriet Verney, Bella Gladman, Venus X, Scarlette Carlos Clark, Angel Rose.

Makda Iyasu and Rebecca Thomas have been working together in a partnership of film and photography for the last year and a half and have shot for publications including

i-D, GQ Style, Vice, Q-Who, Hysteria, as well as fashion labels including Jonathan Saunders, Nikos Nikolau and Fashion East.